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The Electoral commission of Ghana announced the date for the district level elections to be December 19 2023. Every four […]

Gradually, Ghana has been slipping deeper into an extreme form of violence against women by their partners which is murder […]

The Gender Centre for Empowering Development is a not-for-profit organization with the mission to empower through education, evidence-based research, advocacy, […]

In the recently held #MaputoAt20 under the auspices of Equality Now, Solidarity for African Women Rights, Femnet (SOAWR), CREAW Kenya, […]

Happy International Women’s Day! Today, GenCED joins the rest of the world in celebrating women for their impacts and achievements. […]

Globally, young women political participation is low and the gap keep widening. The trend is discouraging in the Ghanaian context, […]

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Gender Centre for Empowering Development (GenCED) seeks to promote gender equality, women’s rights, youth participation, governance, Election, Peace& Security

The military assault on Ukraine’s democracy is an assault on all democracies. We reject Putin’s vision of a world ruled by autocrats.

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