In the recently held #MaputoAt20 under the auspices of Equality Now, Solidarity for African Women Rights, Femnet (SOAWR), CREAW Kenya, Alliances for Africa Malawi Human Rights Resource Center and Kenyan Section of the International Commission of Jurists

celebrated in Kenya, Gender Center For Empowering Development (GENCED) was recognised for its effort in the advocacy of women political rights in the #20for20SolidairtyAwards

In July 2003, African heads of states met in Maputo, Mozambique and drafted a never seen before legal framework that covered political, economic and societal issues at a continental level. The document sought to guide African states in the realisation and protection of human rights in diverse dynamics and women rights. The comprehensive , inclusive document was the first regional agreement of its kind, placing an obligation on African countries to deliver on sustainable and inclusive development, currently adopted by 44 out of 55 countries in Africa.

Ghana ratified the maputo protocol in June 2007. To further the advancement of the agreement, the state has put in place laws and amendments such as matrimonial causes act 1971, human trafficking act 2005, disability act 2006, whistle blowers act 2006, the domestic violence act 2007, the labour act 2003, female genital mutilation ammendment, children’s act 1998, criminal offenses act 1960 and the chieftaincy act 2008

GenCED has been a great contributor in the implementation of the protocol in Ghana. In 2019, GenCED developed the first country level scorecard on the implementation of the Maputo protocol by the Ghana government and also trained other CSOs during GIMAC and The NGO Forum ahead of the Banjul summit on how to develop scorecards. The scorecard measure progress made on protection of human rights, prosecution of  violations such as Female genital mutilation; public awareness on the issues, existence and enforcement of the law, access and provision of support to gender based violence survivors. Marriage was also highlighted in regards to consent age and property ownership. The scorecard also tracked progress in education on issues such as elimination of discrimination,provision of counselling to GBV survivors, integrating gender and human rights in the curricula and promotion of education and training to women in all disciplines.

Under GenCED ,West Africa Young Women Political Leadership School which runs in Nigeria, Niger, Liberia, Mali, Burkina Faso, Gambia and Ghana, has trained young women to be politically active in the local politics and also contest for political office within political parties and the local and national level. Again GenCED annual forum on West AFrica Young Women in Politics that brings young women in the region to discuss democracy, governance and their involvement with emphasis on analysing the gaps, opportunities and common interest to improve our representation and participation in the political process among other initiatives that seeks to improve women political participation. These initiatives among others won GenCED the Award on Women Political Rights in Africa during the celebration of the Maputo Protocol at 20 events in Kenya 11th June 2023.  These initiatives of GenCED were a great contributor to the nomination and award of #20for20SolidarityAwards. The award affirms that evidence-based advocacy on women political rights and other women’s issues is of great importance and all efforts contribute a lot in the achievement of equality

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