Young Women Political Leadership School

Enhancing Young Women’s Political Participation for Inclusive Governance in West Africa

Young Women Political Leadership

Women and especially young women are missing from Ghana’s political and governance scene in comparisone to the men. With women legislatures making up less than 13% of the current government, there is need to nurture young women to take up this roles as their rights. It is against this background that GenCED formed the Young Women Political leadership school which seeks to empower young women through capacity building so that they can be active in the political space. The programme also seeks to give young women more visibility and knowledge on political party structures. The initiative is currently running in West Africa countries in collaboration with political parties. The school invites political parties to nominate young women to be trained on the various aspects of a political career and are awarded with certificates at the end of the training. Since its inception, alumni from the school have gone to contest for public political seats with some securing the seats.

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