Gradually, Ghana has been slipping deeper into an extreme form of violence against women by their partners which is murder and also known as Femicide. Femicide cases have increased over the years with male partners making up majority of suspects

According to media and other reports  25 women were murdered by abusive partners between January – August 2021. Since then to 2023, over 100 women have been murdered by male partners. This year alone, a woman has died at least every month in the hands of a man. In most cases, there are other forms of abuse occurring leading up to the murder.

 Unfortunately, no woman is spared with victims from different regions and age groups.  Such as Victoria 42,who was murdered on Friday  23rd June 2023. She had been found dead in her home in Dademantse which she shares with her husband Seth, 50. Her husband was arrested as the murder suspect and according to him an argument had ensued between them leading to his wife’s death. 

A video of a lady in distress begging for her life appeared online on 21st April before she was shot by her boyfriend 5 times. The lady was Maa Adwoa and her boyfriend, Mr. Ahmed Twumasi, a police officer inspector, over infidelity accusations in Komfo Anokye. The suspect was arraigned to court and pleaded not guilty on June 21 2023. On July 13, a hearing was held with a seven member jury where autopsy evidence was presented to the Kumasi High Court 2.

The youngest victim was Abigail Mireku, a form two student at Akyem Nsutam who was found dead in a barber shop in Fanteakwa East District, Eastern region. It is alleged that on June 2nd 2023 she went into the barbershop in the morning in her uniform to meet her then boyfriend who was seen rushing out a few minutes after she arrived. Customers discovered her body in a pool of blood tangled up with wires moments later.

These are just but a few names of women who are no longer alive to build a life of their own. The deaths of these women were fortunately documented by media houses but the question is, what of those whose stories weren’t documented? How many of the perpetrators have been prosecuted? What measures have government agencies mandated to protect everyone including women put in place to address this issue? 

We demand action from law enforcers, government agencies such as the office of attorney general. The domestic violence and victim support unit of the Ghana police. The ministry of Gender, children and social protection needs to spearhead programmes that ensure the safety of women and girls.The Inspector general needs to assure the public on what efforts and measures have been offset to; first ensure justice is achieved for victims, second, these cases are no longer happening.A conversation needs to be held with Mental health authority on the cause issue and how victims families can navigate the grief.  It is time for Civil rights organisations, human rights organisations and activists, women rights groups and nonprofits to show up for women in their own capacities. Every woman deserves to live a full life!

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