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We work with young women in West Africa in key thematic areas that affect all spheres of their lives. We get to interact, learn and nurture the next generation through evidence-based advocacy, capacity building and lobbying. 

By volunteering, you become part of the change ensuring a better future which more inclusive, aware and sustainable. We welcome professionals from all sectors, students looking to start on their career paths and expert with a heart for charity.

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GenCED drive

However, for women to be efficient and effective, they need education and advocacy to encourage their participation in decision-making. This project develops research and advocacy materials to demystify governances and demonstrate women’s need to participate effectively in electoral politics. There will be advocatory activities which are more geared towards more discussion and participation of women in our governances and also with political parties to increase seats for women within parties and also in national and district assembly elections.GenCED drive is to encourage, promote and strengthen women to be in governance. If women who form majority of Ghana’s population actively participate in good governance by seeking transparency, efficiency and accountability, poverty would significantly be reduced. The general lack of civic knowledge among women has worsened their participation and representation in decision-making, election and governance. This is particularly reflected by their slim percentage in parliament, district assemblies, corporations and other public positions.

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